Selasa, 02 Mei 2017

Ignis Sales Target Finally Reached

Suzuki Ignis popularity in Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2017 which was held recently was indeed quite high. The crunch of the crowd at Suzuki's booth and the long queue of visitors who want to try direct urban sport utility vehicle (SUV) is a testament to the high popularity of Suzuki's new car.

Minggu, 06 Maret 2016

Instagram API Website for Bali Boer

Propelled in October of 2010, Instagram has turned into one of the quickest developing iphone applications. Inside 4 months of dispatch, there were at that point more than 2 million clients. It is an application that is keeping on growwing its client base, at a rate of almost 150,000 clients every week. Almost 300,000 photographs are transferred to Instagram consistently. Those are amazing numbers. Instagram is the auto-tune for photos. Generally as auto-tune will make a shocking voice sound melodic, instagram can transform an OK photo into a wonderful bit of craftsmanship

Senin, 13 Juli 2015

How to Save the Right can Reduce Damage Wheat Seed

Wheat / wheat is a major food source of Indonesian society today. With the increasing quality of life, quality standard wheat flour will also be more stringent and must meet national standards of Indonesia (SNI).

Currently around 25% or 500 million tonnes of the world's cereal products allegedly contaminated with mycotoxins and fungal types traded for food and animal feed. Storage is one of the determining factors in maintaining the quantity and quality of grain / wheat flour.

Minggu, 12 Juli 2015

Fast detection method herbicide Paraquat In Plants

This method is also quick and easy to diagnose poisoning quickly and easily, and its application is also easy to do in the laboratory are in the area, without the use of instruments.

Herbicide paraquat the trade name Gramoxone most widely used in oil palm plantations for spraying in eradicating weeds. Spraying is done mainly on a regional dish, this is done so as not to inhibit the production of palm oil.

Kamis, 12 Februari 2015

5 Steps Before Buy Used Vehicles

For those of you who want to buy cars / used bike there are a few things to consider before executing payments. Not slightly used vehicles on the market today that are still good like the latest unconditioned.

However, that does not mean in buying a good conditioned used vehicle buyers just need to check the mileage and appearance alone. Most of the potential buyers of used vehicles just check how many kilometers the mileage and performance of the vehicle without further examination.

Jumat, 06 Februari 2015

Honda CR-V Interior

Entry into the interior of the Honda CR-V, we will find the interior with the same design, but it has some significant changes that make the atmosphere more luxurious cabin than its predecessor. Especially the interior color is now using a black color, the previous Honda CR-V uses the interior color to red's.

Starting from the dashboard materials, Honda New CR-V facelift in 2015 now has increased significantly in the materials sector, especially in the dashboard, we will get a soft touch material with stitching motif on the front like the Honda HR-V. In the bottom-ever we get a wooden panel with a dark color which makes the atmosphere more luxurious cabin.

Kamis, 05 Februari 2015

Mazda CX5 Technology

In every way, a number of media challenged to feel more in Mazda adopted a number of technologies, such as SKYACTIVE Technology, which enables the car to have Driving Performance, Environmental Performance, and Safety Performance is best simultaneously.

This technology also developed a chassis that is designed to SKYACTIVE steering and suspension systems front and rear wheels remain stable when driven at a high speed. Includes can feel fast and snappy response when taken at low and medium speeds.

Jumat, 23 Januari 2015

Cleaning Honda VTEC Solenoid

Honda car with VTEC technology (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) is fun. In addition to more powerful than non-VTEC engine with the same capacity, is also more fuel efficient. However, there are parts that would need to be treated. VTEC solenoid example, although not necessary every time a tune up part cleaned.

Jumat, 09 Januari 2015

Benefits of Cleaning Car Machine

More car care in the exterior and interior. One place that is rarely look the engine room. Even when 'bathed' in laundering outlets, kitchen sector runway is rarely beheld.

In fact, the engine room is not less important. The effect is not seen directly as cleaning the cabin and body. However, its effects can be felt. "By doing the cleaning in the engine room, not just make cleaner, but also detect symptoms that impact on ride comfort," said Mimi Son Ode, Ode Car Garage shop owner in Serpong.

Selasa, 11 November 2014

KIA Morning Sure Survive in Cheap Car Market

The launch of the Kia Morning 1.0 by PT KIA Mobil Indonesia is believed to be able to compete with cheap and environmentally friendly cars (LCGC). "Therefore, the difference in price is about USD 10-11 million thin with LCGC, it can import whole cars from South Korea," said Head of Branch KIA Central Java-Yogyakarta, Timothy Amran, Tuesday, June 17, 2014.

Kia Morning car with a capacity of 1,000 cc engine is sold starting from Rp 118 million per unit. "If you buy on credit, down payment is not much difference. Installment also just add hundreds of thousands of dollars, "said Amran.