Selasa, 02 Mei 2017

Ignis Sales Target Finally Reached

Suzuki Ignis popularity in Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2017 which was held recently was indeed quite high. The crunch of the crowd at Suzuki's booth and the long queue of visitors who want to try direct urban sport utility vehicle (SUV) is a testament to the high popularity of Suzuki's new car.

The amount of euphoria visitors will this car was also contributed to the Suzuki sales results are quite positive. 4W Marekting Head of Product Development and Accesories, He said if the number of orders Ignis for now has more than 2,000 units based from

The magnitude of public euphoria at Ignis is indeed quite reasonable, especially if you look back at the price tag offered by Suzyuki to consumers for this car. Urban car that carries the urban genre SUV is released into the market with a fairly competitive price range with low-cost green car segment (low cost green car or LCGC). Suzuki Ignis can be purchased with prices ranging from Rp 139.5 million to Rp 169.5 million so this is quite interesting in the eyes of consumers.