Kamis, 05 Februari 2015

Mazda CX5 Technology

In every way, a number of media challenged to feel more in Mazda adopted a number of technologies, such as SKYACTIVE Technology, which enables the car to have Driving Performance, Environmental Performance, and Safety Performance is best simultaneously.

This technology also developed a chassis that is designed to SKYACTIVE steering and suspension systems front and rear wheels remain stable when driven at a high speed. Includes can feel fast and snappy response when taken at low and medium speeds.

This car is also equipped SKYACTIVE-Drive six-speed automatic transmission brings the high level of efficiency. No wonder the gearshift feels Like the easy to use automatic transmission. When tested also transfer was fast, accurate, and responsive to the range of non-slip lock-up, according to the foot pressure on the accelerator.

The sixth generation also features Smart City Brake Support (SCBS). With this feature, the car is able to detect vehicles ahead thanks to close-range infrared laser, so that the car can avoid a collision with automatic braking. SCBS will work with the speed of 4-30 km / hour. If not tested as unspecified speed, of course this feature can not be activated.

Kodo design
As mentioned before, despite the big man, this car can move swiftly. The design was later described as the strength and elegance while pouncing cheetah prey.

When driving on the highway, Cruise Control feature Mazda adopted this car is very useful. The system is able to take over the throttle the car to maintain a predetermined speed rider.

I-Activsense an advanced security technologies and actively adopted this car. With this technology, the driver will be helped to identify potential hazards and help to avoid accidents.

Part of the i-Activsense very unique and sophisticated that features Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). With this feature, the car is able to read the road markings and alert the driver if the car deviates from the path, especially at night and sleepy driver.

Not only LDWS, Mazda is also apparently very detailed attention to the driver when driving at night, because the CX-5 is also equipped with Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS). With this feature, AFS can predict the shape and direct the light path ahead while on winding roads, so the view can be felt more clearly.

This car has also been equipped with High Beam Control (HBC), as a result of a camera can detect if there is a vehicle from the opposite direction and automatically turn off the lights and turn on the lights much closer.

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