Jumat, 06 Februari 2015

Honda CR-V Interior

Entry into the interior of the Honda CR-V, we will find the interior with the same design, but it has some significant changes that make the atmosphere more luxurious cabin than its predecessor. Especially the interior color is now using a black color, the previous Honda CR-V uses the interior color to red's.

Starting from the dashboard materials, Honda New CR-V facelift in 2015 now has increased significantly in the materials sector, especially in the dashboard, we will get a soft touch material with stitching motif on the front like the Honda HR-V. In the bottom-ever we get a wooden panel with a dark color which makes the atmosphere more luxurious cabin.

In the door trim, special for Prestige 2.4 L variant we will get the top layer of the door trim with soft touch material that is sufficiently soft and luxurious. Skin layer is given in the door trim also increased from around the hand rest area to the top of the door trim. Unfortunately the soft touch coating is only in the front door and Prestige variant only.

Go to the driver's side, Honda does not change the combination of steering wheel, speedometer and some other devices around the wheel. Steering wheel Honda CR-V still has a tilt and telescopic adjustment, leather steering wheel and audio and cruise control buttons. No major changes in 2.0 L variants are now also getting behind the steering wheel paddle shift lever and cruise control.

For the 2.4 L variant, we've got the seat and door trim covered with leather. For Prestige variant, we will get the color black leather seats and a variant of non Prestige 2.4 beige. On the 2.4 L variant also we will get 8-way electric seats with electric lumbar support. However, the quality of workmanship leather upholstery is quite poor though soft material, we find some indentation imprecise and wrinkles in the driver's seat like a car that has been frequently used remotely (click image above for more details). Even so comfortable driver's seat position is typical Honda is very pronounced in this car.

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