Minggu, 12 Juli 2015

Fast detection method herbicide Paraquat In Plants

This method is also quick and easy to diagnose poisoning quickly and easily, and its application is also easy to do in the laboratory are in the area, without the use of instruments.

Herbicide paraquat the trade name Gramoxone most widely used in oil palm plantations for spraying in eradicating weeds. Spraying is done mainly on a regional dish, this is done so as not to inhibit the production of palm oil.

On the other hand a lot of cattle grazing around oil palm plantations in the area because it is a lot of grass or natural vegetation that can be used as cattle feed. If the spraying is carried out not in accordance with the rules will lead to the emergence of residue in plants and if the residue passed the tolerance level or reach toxic levels would cause toxicity and even death to occur when plants (grass) is consumed by the cow.

As well as to diagnose paraquat poisoning in cattle using the method will be faster color sequence obtained level resulting in faster handling can prevent poisoning or poisoning occurs next.

Bibit Mangga from 168 seed plant & Bibit Jati from surya forestry