Sabtu, 23 Agustus 2014

Review KIA Sportage Facelift - Part III

Platinum special variant, the small SUV from KIA is already getting a head rest monitors are equipped with a button like the iPad. Interestingly, compared with the other KIA cars, this does not reduce the headrest bermonitor rider comfort backrest forward.

Part of the trunk still remains, does not increase in size, but for variants Platinum already has a neat subwoofer located in the back without having to reduce the dispensation of luggage space.

Features of this car is fairly complete for size SUVs in its class, this car get Panoramic sunroof that can be opened separately on the front and rear.

In addition, the Kia Sportage is equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Hill Descent Control. Not only that, because the Kia Sportage is also equipped with Downhill Brake Control which serves to prevent the car forward when the road to decline, there is also the type of Platinum Cruise Control.

All variants of the Kia Sportage is now getting advanced head unit that can play DVD, Bluetooth, USB, AUX and complete with internet connection for the highest variance. In the model KIA Sportage Platinum also a rearview camera with rear view.

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