Sabtu, 16 Agustus 2014

Review KIA Sportage Facelift -Part II

Entry into the interior of the highest variance KIA Sportage 2014, the Platinum variant, we will be presented with the interior color combination of gray and white are very shady seen. Luxurious interior design lines more prominent than the LX and EX variant black.

In type Platinum, the latest Kia Sportage is equipped with digital air conditioning with dual zone climate control and mode. And for the LX and EX variants, setting his AC equipped with analog buttons but already has climate control.

Platinum variants also have steering control switches on the left and cruise control buttons on the steering wheel right sebalah. Wheel that has a very comfortable grip leather material, although the speedometer display is not so spectacular, in our opinion has been very good at providing clear information.

The driver's seat on the EX and Platinum variant is equipped with 8 power electric seat like a luxury car, and sitting in the car seat is very comfortable. Leather seat stitching also looks brighter than the LE variant that uses the color black.

Now KIA Sportage 2014 models have rear passenger seat reclining seat, so that the rear passengers can easily adjust the seating position in accordance with his wishes.

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