Jumat, 26 September 2014

Review All New Toyota Camry - Interior

The interior design of the Toyota Camry in the design of a more serious and darker than the previous model. We'll find a new aura dahsboard similar design as the Lexus, complete with beautiful detailing like the dashboard with a genuine black leather stitching is not just an accent, a speedometer that is more luxurious than the previous version and the new carpet that has models such as standard vermicelli noodles.

The selection of the latest Toyota Camry material is also quite good although seat material used little rough. Compared with the 6th generation Camry, Toyota's latest Camry is equipped with wooden panels for type G so it looks more luxurious, the previous type of wooden panels G does not get at all.

Problem accommodation, this car has a degree of relief that level better than the previous version. Especially on the back which has a much more spacious legroom. If the front seat in backing up any stuck rear passengers still have ample leg room.

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