Senin, 10 November 2014

Chevrolet 1000 Part-shop Target This Year

Chevrolet, an American car brand that is shaded by the sole agent of PT General Motors Indonesia, targeting the establishment of 1,000 part-shop or parts store across Indonesia by the end of 2014.

"Last year (2013) with 600 part-shop available, we managed to record a profit of more than USD 100 billion. This year we are expecting an increase," said Dadan Ramadhani, Indonesian Chevrolet Customer Service Director, told reporters at a press conference Chevrolet Event Alert Lebaran 2014 in Jakarta, on Monday evening, July 14, 2014.

Chevrolet is not the only manufacturers that provide more leading up to and during the celebration of Eid. Nissan, for example, also offers a variety of similar packages. Other brands such as the Korean manufacturer, Hyundai, too.

Dadan continued, shops establishment of new parts done as the growth of the automotive market, and increasing Indonesian population, especially the middle class, who need a car to facilitate their activities.

"As of July 2014, there were an additional 200 new parts-shop (total of 800), and the upcoming second half of the target increased 200 again, so that in total there were 1,000 part-shop.'s As a form of convenience for customers of Chevrolet," said Dadan.

Regarding the parts themselves, Dadan said it is targeting sales growth of parts of this year by 30 percent compared to the year 2013.

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