Kamis, 12 Februari 2015

5 Steps Before Buy Used Vehicles

For those of you who want to buy cars / used bike there are a few things to consider before executing payments. Not slightly used vehicles on the market today that are still good like the latest unconditioned.

However, that does not mean in buying a good conditioned used vehicle buyers just need to check the mileage and appearance alone. Most of the potential buyers of used vehicles just check how many kilometers the mileage and performance of the vehicle without further examination.

So, what needs to be considered before deciding to purchase a used vehicle? Here are some tips :

     Check the vehicle history. Check if the car / motorcycle that you want to buy is stolen or not. Ask the police to put a number plate, engine and chassis, so you can tell if the vehicle is stolen or not and the tax bill is owned vehicles

     Check the overall physical condition of the vehicle. Perform physical examination Events vehicles thoroughly before purchase, if the condition of vehicles that have been purchased not in accordance with the previously offered by the seller you are entitled to claim damages or repaired. Make sure you keep a copy of the description of the current condition of the vehicle sold.

     Test drive. There is no harm in you borrow a car / motorcycle sold to drive a few kilometers on the highway, freeway, damaged track. Observe and feel what is told by the car / the used bike. If you feel less or more bad then left alone.

     Check the service history (service) to the authorized repair shop. We recommend that you do this to know the history of the car / motor used before being bought by you. Who knew that the vehicle has been exposed to flooding or accident.

     Buy on authorized dealers or reliable. Be sure to buy a used vehicle dealers reliable or reputable, especially from a trusted dealer directly by APM (Agent licensee) to reduce the risk of fraud.

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