Jumat, 11 April 2014

Inspiring Story, Rich Trader And A Waiter

There lived a rich merchant. She has a very innocent waitress, so people call it stupid.

One day, the merchant told his servant to go to a poor village to collect the debt from the population. " They had too much debt, " the trader said.

" All right, sir, " replied the fool. " But what would you do with it then? "

"Buy something that I have, " replied the merchant.

Then the dumb waiter that goes to the village. He collect debts one by one of the inhabitants of the village. Inhabitants of the village are very poor and the village they had just suffered from drought.

Finally, the dumb waiter complete the task. On the way home he was given the command of his master, " do not buy something that I had. "

" What is it ? Lord is very rich, is not he already has everything? " thought the fool.

After thinking for a few moments, the fool find the answer. He returned to the village and he has just distributed the money he collected to the residents of the village.

" My lord give you this money. " he says. The inhabitants of the village are very happy. They adore the merchant 's goodness.

When the fool went home and reported what he had done, the salesman shook his head. " You really are very stupid, " he complained.

Time passes. Something happened that was not expected. Substitution leader because of rebellion and floods destroyed the merchant 's business.

Traders even then bankrupt. He left his home and only the fool who follows him. When arrived at a village, for some reason, the villagers greeted them with a friendly and warm. They provide a place and food for the merchant.

" Who are the residents of this village and why they help me ? " asked the merchant.

" Previously, the master told me to collect the debt from the poor people of this village. " replied the fool. 'You asked me to buy something that the host does not have. I think, host already has everything. Only the lord did not have the love of their hearts. Then I returned the money on behalf of the host. Reap love them now.

Sometimes we do not realize, the people who we think are not important, be the one to help us in difficult times. Be aware of it ! Do not forget your neighbor, because no matter how small your own good, one day you will reap blessings.

Sources : kisah motivasi